Social events

Welcoming reception, Sunday 6th October
Farewell Dinner, Thursday, 10th October 2013

Welcoming reception, Sunday 6th October

The reception will be held at the university and is open to all registered delegates.



Farewell Dinner, Thursday, 10th October 2013

Advance booking is required. Places should be reserved and paid for when you register online for the conference.

Buffet tickets €45.00 per person


The dinner will take place at Vila Gloria at 19.00. The Vila is part of the Belmontas Entertainment and Recreation Centre, established inside the French (Belmont) water mill complex.

The Centre's hall interior is enlivened with ethnographic and antique showpieces, arts and crafts and its furniture shows certain features of XIX century Lithuanian city and village people lifestyle,  interests and tastes.

A long and complex network of walkways (approximately 1 kilometre), resting and observation sites, arbours, an amphitheatre, parterres, fountains and other numerous attractive elements of landscape and minor architecture.

Charles De Vim’s Mill

The Mill is located opposite Vila Gloria. For many decades, until World War II, the windmill and the surrounding land belonged to the former Leoniškiai estate. According to  archival records, permission to build this mill was given as far back as September 16, 1536! The Frenchman de Vim rented the lands in the XIX century and began building the mill and other production buildings.

The stone mill survived until the present times – during its restoration all authentic parts of the buildings were preserved and restored; the canal running under the building was restored too.



There will be a self-service buffet for appetizers and hot meals (international food with some Lithuanian options), both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, can be ordered from a mini-menu. Drinks: Lithuanian lager and wheat bear. A selection of Chilean, Italian, French, Spanish red or white wines.

Location and transport

The venue is located about 5 km from city centre, however it is not served by public transportation directly. The conference organizers will arrange transportation by bus from the conference venue to the Belmontas Centre and back to Vilnius old town.

For those who decide to join dinner later or leave earlier we recommed to take a taxi (Address: Belmonto street 17, 11300 Vilnius). A one way trip from old town should cost LTL 15-20 (EUR 4.35-5.80).